Flow Controls
for SuDS

nature-based solutions

The Controflow® range from SuDSstore was developed specifically for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) by professional SuDS designers with over 25 years of experience.

With expert product support, the range includes flow control chambers and inlet/outlet baskets.

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Efficient & Compliant SuDS

SuDS are set to become mandatory for developments throughout England during 2024, requiring nature-based solutions using components near the surface to provide multiple benefits.

Flow controls are essential for SuDS, to demonstrate agreed flow rates to regulators and to optimise spatial efficiency of SuDS features, minimising land-take in development.

Meeting the latest mandatory SuDS requirements, controlling the flow with Controflow® enables source control, sub-catchments and management trains, near the surface.

Flow controls also enable SuDS (notably permeable paving) on sloping sites and offer protection to downstream drainage assets.

Conventional drainage designs using gullies and pipes to transfer polluted runoff straight to expensive underground tanks or large storage ponds cannot meet these requirements.

Demonstrating SuDS Benefits

To demonstrate the government’s approach to mandatory SuDS, Defra’s January 2023 report cited Lamb Drove in Cambridgeshire as an exemplar. This monitored SuDS demonstration project covers a 35 homes development on 1-hectare compared with a similar, neighbouring development using piped drainage. Completed in 2006, it was one of the first housing projects in England with integrated SuDS and included Controflow® chambers – still performing well today.

Support for SuDS Designers

SuDSstore provides expert Design Support from the inception of your SuDS scheme.

'The ‘SuDS Approach’, expected to form the basis of statutory standards for England, requires flow controls to achieve Source Control, create Sub-catchments and maximise the benefits of the Management Train.

SuDSstore offers support for SuDS designers on the use of the Controflow® range of flow controls in their schemes.

This service includes help with product selection, orifice sizing, specification, scheduling and long-term operation.

As further design support, SuDSstore can provide individual Sub-Catchment analysis (attenuation volumes and pass forward flow rates) on a site-specific basis using bespoke software to help with the selection process for the appropriate Controflow® chambers.

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