Dedicated SuDS Components

SuDSstore is dedicated to sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) for rainwater runoff management. Established by experienced SuDS experts and practitioners, SuDSstore offers a single source of simple and effective components, specifically to make the most of SuDS techniques.

Our products enable SuDS to be:

  • multifunctional, shallow, affordable and manageable
  • in line with the SuDS Manual 2015 and national and local standards

We are constantly designing and developing new components, offering passive operation with simplicity and practicality in mind for negligible maintenance.

Find out how our products can help make the most of your SuDS schemes here, view our CPD video below or contact us now.

Making the Most of SuDS with Controflow

13th May 2021

Making the Most of SuDS with Controflow Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to manage rainwater are now requirements for many developments, approved and often adopted by local authorities, with technology now well-established in the UK. SuDS are essential in the fight against flooding and pollution – particularly with overloaded sewers, urbanisation and climate change – but…

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