Controflow SuDS Baskets

Controflow SuDS Baskets are manufactured from stainless steel mesh for filling with 80mm - 150mm stone (sold separately) and act as protective pipe inlets or outlets, or enable diffuse water flows down slopes to avoid erosion. Each basket is supplied flat with crimp clips (fitted at 200mm centres) and a geotextile liner for the sides, base and (temporarily) lid. Laying Instructions are available.

Inlet/Outlet Baskets

  • Diffuse inbound or outbound flows for landscaped SuDS
  • Attractive and low-maintenance
  • Easy access for maintenance
750x600x450mm (SUDS08401) – ideally suited to 100mm pipe

750x600x450mm (SUDS08401)
– ideally suited to 100mm pipe

900x600x450mm (SUDS08402) – ideally suited to 150mm pipe

900x600x450mm (SUDS08402)
– ideally suited to 150mm pipe

Used as attractive pipe inlet or outlet units within landscaped SuDS features such as swales, ponds and basins. They diffuse inbound and outbound flows, and conceal and protect the pipe. Each basket is supplied with a stainless steel mesh pipe guard. The pipe exit location is flexible but should avoid the box hinge and can be determined on site depending on local requirements.

Please specify:

  • pipe diameter

Erosion Control Baskets

  • Protect soil surfaces from pipe outlets and low flow channels on slopes
  • Integrate into surface landscape
  • Cost effective and minimum maintenance
Controflow SUDS08101 Stainless Steel Erosion Control Basket 600x300x150mm

600x300x150mm (SUDS08101)


600x600x150mm (SUDS08100)

Used where pipe outfalls and low flow channels deliver water down slopes from SuDS features. The shallow basket is laid dry onto subsoil with a geotextile surround to each basket to prevent erosion of soil. The surface face is left open to allow water to flow in the basket or for vegetation cover.

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