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Controflow Commercial


Applications – commercial permeable paving.

A standard flow control chamber with a single, guarded orifice (to specified diameter), designed to manage outflows from permeable paving or other open graded sub-base construction. Stepped inverts simplify the construction of transitions from shallow permeable paving to deeper constructions.

The protective guard and orifice cap are removable, and the rodding access upstand can act as an overflow with its cap removed. Three inlet pipe connection stubs offer layout flexibility. Supplied with a temporary protective site cover (permanent cover and frame not included).

Bespoke flow control chambers can be manufactured to suit specific requirements.

Please specify:

  • Orifice diameter  =
  • Flow Rate (l/s) Head Driving Flow (m)
    Controflow SUDS03001 Flow Control Chamber
    Controflow Commercial Drawings