Q - How can blockage of an inlet to a SuDS feature be avoided?

A - Where runoff has passed through a permeable surface or protected outlet there will be no debris in the runoff. A Controflow® Basket inlet prevents accidental or intentional blockage of the pipe carrying water into a SuDS swale, basin, pond or wetland.

Q - How can an outlet from a SuDS feature be protected from blockage?

A - Water generally passes slowly through the SuDS ‘management train’ as the flow rate is controlled every time it passes from one SuDS feature to the next. Silt settles out and debris is not forced against the outlet structure. Very fine silt may remain in suspension and be carried through the pipe connection. A Controflow® Basket and stone fill prevent any floating debris blocking the outlet pipe.

Q - How is erosion of soil profiles avoided in SuDS?

A - Controflow® Erosion Control Baskets prevent erosion of soil profiles where pipe outfalls and low flow channels deliver water down slopes from SuDS features.

Erosion Control Basket Typical Application

Q - Why do we need orifice flow controls?

A - Controflow Flow Control Chambers are specifically designed to manage surface water discharge from shallow SuDS elements including permeable pavements, swales and basins. They meet the latest requirements for accessible, small orifice flow controls to manage greenfield runoff rates, at modest cost. Based on established engineering principles, they demonstrate straightforward compliance to local authorities as part of the SuDS design approval process.

Q - Where do we need flow controls within SuDS schemes?

A - Controflow Flow Control Chambers control water storage within discrete sub-catchments strategically deployed around a site. They can also maximise storage in permeable paving on sloping sites, with terraced compartments separated by simple check dams, or detain water to optimise ground infiltration, so reducing discharge volumes.

Q - How do flow controls improve permeable paving for SuDS?

A - Controflow® control chambers can transform the multifunctionality of permeable pavements enabling them to be used for demonstrable water storage in sub-catchments around a scheme and to maximise storage on sloping sites.

Q - How do orifice flow controls work?

A - The Controflow® orifice design is based on well-established flow rate performance characteristics using the standard orifice equation.