Flow Controls Dedicated to SuDS

Controflow® control chambers are specifically designed for shallow SuDS elements to manage rainwater runoff, including permeable pavements, swales and basins. They feature orifices, guarded where necessary, which are accessible for demonstrating straightforward compliance to local authorities as part of the SuDS design approval process.

Controflow® Roof Outlet Control and/or Overflow Units have been specifically designed to optimise the performance of blue and green roofs, and are easily installed without interfering with existing roof outlets.

Controflow universal stainless steel mesh SuDS Baskets - for filling with stone - act as attractive pipe inlets or outlets, or enable diffuse water flows down slopes, avoiding erosion.

Why we need flow controls

SuDS are now a Government requirement on many developments, approved and often adopted by local authorities. The key to successful SuDS is water storage strategically deployed around a site within SuDS elements – such as swales, basins ponds and, particularly, permeable paving – forming discrete sub-catchments with flow controls. Controflow…


How orifice flow controls work

The Controflow® orifice design is based on well-established flow rate performance characteristics using the standard orifice equation. The Controflow® orifice profile is recognised as delivering a standard 0.65 coefficient of discharge irrespective of orifice size. The performance of Controflow® mimics the gradual response of natural drainage particuarly during short duration…


Controflow improves permeable paving

Controflow® control chambers can transform the multifunctionality of permeable pavements enabling them to be used for demonstrable water storage in sub-catchments around a scheme and to maximise storage on sloping sites.


How Controflow baskets protect SuDS

Controflow SuDS Baskets are manufactured in stainless steel mesh for filling with stone and act as attractive inlets or outlets that protect pipe openings (as well as flow control orifices), or as erosion control to enable gentle water flows down slopes. Find out more in our Controflow SuDS Basket information…