Stainless Steel Mesh Basket 750x600x450mm


The 750x600x450mm Stainless Steel Mesh SuDS Basket is used as an attractive pipe inlet or outlet within landscaped SuDS features such as swales, ponds and basins. It diffuses inbound and outbound flows, conceals and protects the pipe. Each SuDS Basket is supplied assembled for simple ease of installation and filled with 80mm – 150mm stone*. The basket is supplied complete with a stainless steel mesh pipe guard (to specified pipe size) and a hinged lid for access during maintenance. The pipe exit location is flexible but should avoid the box hinge and can be determined on site depending on local requirements

Key Points:

  • Diffuse inbound or outbound fl ows for landscaped SuDS
  • Attractive and low-maintenance
  • Easy access for maintenance