Controflow exclusively from SuDS store

Controflow 500 Series Universal Level Invert


Applications: all SuDS elements where water is not pre-filtered and at the end of the management train.

A flexible, universal flow control chamber suitable for any SuDS technique, with level inverts. The slide-out centre plate contains a circular orifice (to specified diameter), protected by an upstream guard, and acts as an overflow weir. Additional orifices can be added to order.

Three 160mm diameter inlet pipe connection stubs offer layout flexibility. Supplied with a temporary protective site cover (permanent cover and frame not included). Suitable for depths ranging from 537mm to 1.2m (finished cover to base). An optional foul air trap is available when connected to combined drains.

Bespoke flow control chambers can be manufactured to suit specific requirements.

Key Points:

  • Universal for any SuDS
  • Potential for multiple orifices
  • Overflow weir

Please specify:

  •  Cover to inlet depth ‘a’
  •  Weir to inlet depth ‘b’
  •  Type/depth of cover/frame to be used
  •  Any additional orifice positions and diameters
  •  If foul air trap is required
  • Orifice diameter  =
  • Flow Rate (l/s) Head Driving Flow (m)
    Controflow SUDS02005 cross section
    Controflow SUDS02005 Flow Control Chamber
    Controflow SUDS02005 dimensions