Dedicated SuDS Components

SuDSstore is dedicated to sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) for rainwater runoff management. Established by experienced SuDS experts and practitioners, SuDSstore offers a single source of simple and effective components, specifically to make the most of SuDS techniques.

Our products enable SuDS to be:

  • multifunctional, shallow, affordable and manageable
  • in line with the SuDS Manual 2015 and national and local standards
  • We are constantly designing and developing new components, offering passive operation with simplicity and practicality in mind for negligible maintenance. Contact us to discuss how our products can help make the most of your SuDS schemes.

    Controflow Flow Control exclusivley from SuDSstore
    • Developed by experienced SuDS designers with practicality in mind
    • Tested in situ for over a decade
    • Satisfies National Standards as well as the SuDS Manual 2015
    • Simple installation
    • Minimal maintenance over the long term
    • Universal formats for simple specification or bespoke for complete flexibility
    • Low-cost flow control devices for use throughout management trains
    • Performance easily verified by local authorities
    • Straightforward specification using established criteria
    • Passive operation with consistent performance
    • Made to order using recyclable materials
    • Easy access for inspection, measurement or sampling

    Flow Controls Dedicated to SuDS

    Controflow® control chambers are specifically designed for shallow SuDS elements to manage rainwater runoff, including permeable pavements, swales and basins. They feature orifices, guarded where necessary, which are accessible for demonstrating straightforward compliance to local authorities as part of the SuDS design approval process. A universal stainless steel mesh SuDS Basket, for filling with stone, acts as an attractive pipe inlet or outlet within landscaped SuDS features.

    Why we need flow controls

    The key to successful SuDS is water storage strategically deployed around a site within SuDS elements – such as swales, basins ponds and, particularly, permeable paving – forming discrete sub-catchments with flow controls.


    How orifice flow controls work

    The Controflow® orifice design is based on well-established flow rate performance characteristics using the standard orifice equation.


    Controflow improves permeable paving

    Controflow® control chambers can transform the multifunctionality of permeable pavements enabling them to be used for demonstrable water storage in sub-catchments around a scheme and to maximise storage on sloping sites.

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